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Troop 54 @ Camp Orr

Camp Orr Hill
The hill going into Camp Orr is not for the faint of heart, but with a little caution and a stop to cool your brakes, it can be overcome.

Camp Orr Sign
Finally we reach the bottom to a welcome sight.

Buffalo River Trading Company
The Buffalo River Trading Company is the place to get needed supplies, pick up mail from home, or just get a snack or a cold drink on a hot summer day.

Young Archers can go down to the range to learn how to make an arrow or put a few holes in a target.

Living History Cabin
A short walk across the river and up to Clemmons hollow offers a look at a bygone era at the Living History cabin. Staff members in authentic garb recreate the life of the pioneers actually living in the old log cabin which was moved piece by piece up the valley to the top of the bluff. An old forge, black powder rifles, steel traps, and tall tales add to the experience at the cabin.

Living History Cabin
Though some may find other things of interest after a long day exploring the river valley.

Antenna Pine
One long standing tradition at Camp Orr is the trek to Antenna Pine. Antenna Pine is a large pine tree that is easily seen from the parade ground at camp. Prior to lighting damage a few years ago the Pine resembled an old style TV antenna.

Antenna Pine
The trail to the pine is about 2.5 miles UP to the top. Bluffs along the way afford a fantastic view of the Buffalo River Valley.

Antenna Pine
Part of the tradition of the Pine is to hang a homemade flag, usually someone's bed sheet, T-shirt, or other available cloth, on the Pine. The next Troop to visit retrieves your flag replacing it with theirs and presents yours to you at the mess hall.

Antenna Pine
Flags can be for a Troop or Patrol and often have the names of scouts who made the journey.

Antenna Pine


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